Upping Your Grilling Game

I've spent the last few years obsessively following barbecue shows on youtube and reading everything by Meathead Goldwyn.... especially the Science of Great Barbecue

and I've discovered most of what I thought I knew about grilling was wrong (or could be done much better).

Here's a couple of pro tips for the best possible steaks you can grill at home.


Learn how to choose quality cuts - preferably grass fed and an inch and a half thick 

Season your steaks - Two hours before cooking pat the meat thoroughly dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle salt on on both sides of the meat. Put it back in the fridge.

Print off this temperature guide - and leave it near your barbecue.

Buy a Chimney Starter
Buy a quality Super-Fast Thermapen
Buy a Wireless thermometer

Learn how to setup your grill for Two Zone Grilling 
Read up on how to Reverse Sear

When you hit your perfect temperature
Finish with the Afterburner Method

The result is genuine  ‪#‎Barbecue_Heaven‬